May 08, 2015

Buffet Style” Pricing for web design

When I use the term “buffet style,” I refer to the practice of charging a higher flat fee that includes multiple services bundled together, but that not all clients would necessarily need. To put it into perspective: think of the popular buffet restaurant Golden Corral, which charges about $11.99 per person for a dinner meal. While you might think that is a great deal, consider the fact that the majority of their customers will probably not eat $12 worth of food in one sitting. That’s what the restaurant is banking on and that is a pricing model that might work for you as well. As far as web design goes, many design agencies already implement these pricing models. For example, they might charge $5,000 for a website redesign OR $6,000 for a website redesign, a logo design, and a set of banners. When you compare the two options, the $6,000 deal looks like a much better value because it includes more services for only a 20% higher price. As a business owner, your goal would be to not have to design a logo and a set of banners with every website redesign, but if the client needs it, it should be there for them to take advantage of. So if every third client doesn’t ask for these extras, you’re still making more money because you’re essentially charging an additional $1,000 for a logo design and a set of banners per client. Although I am just using example numbers to illustrate my point, you would have to determine what would work best for your design firm. Whatever you do, you need to make sure you are still making a decent profit even if each and every client decides to use all of the services included in your plan.

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