Jun 13, 2016

WWDC News: Apple to Open Siri to Developers

Today at WWDC, Apple announced that Siri will be open to developers. Now, developers can make their apps even more user-friendly for iPhone users who love to use Siri, or for iPhone users like myself who have sworn off most of the apps that Apple automatically includes, and thus have little use for Siri right now. Apple showed off some examples of how Siri can be used with the following kinds of third-party apps (for now):Messaging apps like Slack and WhatsAppRide sharing apps like Uber and LyftPhoto sharing apps like Pinterest and ShutterflyPayments with SquarecashVoIP calling through Skype and VonageThis integration will also be available on Carplay, so you can message or call people using Siri. Developer previews for this new feature are available today, with a beta coming in July. You can catch the rest of the livecast here. Make sure you're using Safari. 

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