May 08, 2016

Scheduling Jobs on Node.js With node-schedule

Batching is a great part of today's software development. The business world runs on batch from bank statements to promotion emails.Node.js has some good libraries for such cases.node-schedule is a light cron-like scheduler for Node.npm install node-scheduleIf your are used to cron and the cron expression format, it will be pretty easy.var scheduler = require('node-schedule'); var montlyJob = scheduler.scheduleJob('0 0 1 * *', function(){ console.log('I run the first day of the month'); });But, there's also a JavaScript object approach:var scheduler = require('node-schedule'); var rule = new scheduler.RecurrenceRule(); rule.hour = 7 rule.dayOfWeek = new schedule.Range(0,6) var dailyJob = schedule.scheduleJob(date, function(){ console.log('I run on days at 7:00'); }); scheduler.scheduleJob(rule,task);And, you can have tasks submitted by giving a date:var scheduler = require('node-schedule'); var date = new Date(2017, 1, 1, 0, 0, 0); var newYearJob = scheduler.scheduleJob(date, function() { console.log("Happy new year"); });However, in the case that your job is not needed you can cancel it pretty easy:newYearJob.cancel();

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