Android M is official and it’s set to bring a bevy of improvements to all manner of Google-powered phones. Battery life improvements, greater app permission controls, standardised support for fingerprint scanners, more granular volume controls, […]

Russian internet giant Yandex has launched a new music streaming service, Yandex.Radio – a jukebox for users in the country who want to listen to pre-programmed music stations. This is the company’s second venture into […]

It’s common knowledge that a massive amount of digital content is being created daily on social networks. How much is massive? Every second there are 2,100 new posts on Instagram bringing an average of 180 […]

When I use the term “buffet style,” I refer to the practice of charging a higher flat fee that includes multiple services bundled together, but that not all clients would necessarily need. To put it […]

Facebook says it will allow more websites and other online services to join its “free mobile data” scheme. The announcement follows a backlash against the initiative. Opponents suggest it compromises the principles of net […]

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